Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tomorrow is release day!

I'm pushing publish later today on The Fragile Fall. To mark the occasion, I'm posting one final teaser.

"I brought my face closer to her. "Feel how you're reacting to me being close to you?" I brushed my lips over hers and traced her bottom lip with my tongue. "How your breathing is shallow and quick because you can't quite catch your breath. Your pupils are dilated and your cheeks are flushed." I ran my hand back up to her shoulder and down her arm. "Your eyelids flutter every time I tough you. You're shuddering as my breath dances across your skin." I leaned closer until my lips brushed against her ear and I felt her tremble. "You aren't numb. You feel everything when you're with me. That's why you're running. You're afraid to feel how good this is, how right." I kissed her under her ear and moved bak so I could whisper in her ear."

I'm releasing The Fragile Fall with special pricing for one day only! It'll be $0.99 for the first 24 hours and then it'll go up to full price, $2.99. I'm so excited to finally push publish and share Will and Ryanne's story with the world!

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