Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Book Coming Soon! And a bunch of updates.

It's been entirely too long since I updated this website. I figured I should come back here and update. On October 17, the next book in the Undone series will be out! It's actually the last book as well.

The first book in the Undone Series is The Fragile Fall. It's the story of Will and Ryanne. He's a high school senior experiencing public school for the first time and dealing with the tragic death of his parents. She's the next door neighbor who wants to pull him out of his shell... And she's the older sister of Will's best friend.

I’ve destroyed everything in my life and now I’m left with nothing.

Alone and scared.
Broken and shattered.
But I’ve found a way to deal with it.
Instead of all the pain being on the inside, I make the outside ache too. Anything to make it easier to breathe.
Until one beautiful morning when I look outside and see her.

She tries to help me…
But I’m lost.

And I’m not sure I can ever be found.

* * *

His gentle eyes watch me from behind the window, the boy shrouded in mystery. I wasn't expecting what happened when our worlds collided.

His storm to my calm.
His dark to my light.

I try to hold everything together. To put his life, and mine, back together.

But everything falls apart. My family. Him. Me.

And I'm trying to pick up the pieces.

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The second book in the Undone Series is Heartfelt Lies. It follows Jax and Cassie. Jax is Will's best friend and Ry's brother. They have a tumultuous relationship... but when Jax finds out that Cassie is going to marry someone else, can he convince her to leave her groom at the altar and be with him instead?

Loving Cassie was effortless.
She was a thirst I couldn’t quench.

She was everything I needed, but nothing I deserved.
I failed her more times than I could count.

I lied relentlessly.
And she always forgave me.

Until she couldn’t.

Maybe I deserved to be left behind.

* * *

Jax swept me off my feet with his disheveled hair and his easy smile.
I loved him fiercely.
He made me believe in the fairytale.

Then the walls crumbled around me.
The lies never ended.
I left him behind. I had no choice.
I mourned the loss of him.

But I moved on.
I created a new life,
Now, I was marrying someone else.

Where do we go now that he’s back?

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The third book in the Undone Series is Unfolding Desires. It follows David and Roxie. Roxie's is a no bullshit taking woman and she's been hurt before. David is a sexy as hell mechanic with a British accent. They have insane chemistry... Until tragedy strikes.

I’d been hurt. But then again, what girl hasn’t?

I wouldn’t let myself fall again.
I was smarter than that.
Used them before they used me—live the way I wanted.
No man was worth a broken heart.

David seemed the perfect match for me.
He scared me and thrilled me.
Tested me and saved me.

But bad habits were hard to break.

Love wasn’t worth the fall.

* * *
Roxie stormed into my life, demanded my attention.

She’d built thick walls around her heart.
I needed to demolish them and claim her.
She fought me at every turn—refused to be tamed.
I wanted her to be mine.

The course of my life changed.
I made selfish decisions.
Lost my way.

I couldn’t hold onto her.

My mistakes haunted me.

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The fourth and final book of the Undone Series. This book follows Roman and Mia. They have a complicated story as they each struggle with their own demons and heartaches. I cannot WAIT to share this book with everyone!!

Emptiness was my constant companion.
Grief was all I knew. Loneliness was all I felt.
Life beat me down. The punches kept coming.
I existed. Didn’t really live.

Then he came into my life.
He was like a battering ram with a silver tongue.
But for the first time in so long, I felt something.
I felt everything.
Cared for.

But hope led only to disappointment.

* * *

Simple. Complicated. Life Altering.
I lived alone, consumed by everything I no longer possessed.
I had nothing to live for.

Mia woke something inside me I thought died long ago.
There was finally someone to share my life.
This was a dream I’d relinquished long ago.
She stirred emotion that I tried to fight,
But I wanted her.
Needed her.
I felt I had something to live for.

But hope was a liability I couldn’t afford.

Release day is October 17. Cover reveal is this Friday! I'm super excited to share the cover and the story with people!

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